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Apple TV sees 2000% growth in apps in just a month

AppFigures, one research company which analyzes the amount of app sales has explained in detail the promising success of the Apple TV App Store.

This reported said that there are no less than 2624 apps currently available for download on this set top box from Apple. The latest Apple TV had launched towards the end of October and the number of apps available for it accelerated rapidly. One week post its release, 1000 apps were uploaded to the store for the enjoyment of users. The app average was at 447/week as per AppFigures calculations.

To put this number in the proper context, a rival streaming service, Roku, has 2500 apps even though it has been around for quite a few years now.

As far as the Apple TV Store is concerned, 38% of these apps are games. That’s 1002 games which can be downloaded. There are 417 entertainment apps which account for 17% of the total apps. And then comes educational apps at 175 or 7%.

Developers can choose to contribute to any one out of twenty app categories but users just have access to 7 of them. Before opening a fresh category to the public, Apple is waiting for it to have sufficient apps.

One interesting detail here is that even though gaming apps are the majority, the popularity scale is showing that entertainment apps are the ones which are in first place. Among the fifty most downloaded apps, twenty-eight are from the entertainment category. The number of games in the top 50 are just eight.

This means most users are using Apple TV for streaming shows and movies.

As per the report, 39% of the apps are chargeable. 85% of them are at a price point which is below $ 3 though. The most popular price people are comfortable paying is $ 0.99.

Eddy Cue, SVP said that more than half of their transactions are from people who upgrade from the earlier version of Apple TV.

He also said that the remaining purchases were from people who just bought their 1st Apple TV.

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