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Fallout 4 SPECIAL Series Part 3 – E is for Endurance

Fallout 4’s back with another charming video in its S.P.E.C.I.A.L. series, and this time, it’s all about endurance, which is an important trait to have when you’re trying to survive in a radioactive wasteland.

Endurance also affects other things too, such as improving healing rate.

Fallout 4 respects the legacy of the series by basing its post-apocalyptic role-playing experience on the same core mechanics, chief among which being the SPECIAL system, which lets players spend skill points to develop their character in certain areas. Quite frankly, if your character doesn’t sport the big letter “E” on his chest, he’s going to have a bad time.

The video also suggests that the Endurance stat will make it easier to eat undesirable foods, showing Vault Boy eating his own foot. Our little Vault Boy learns how to take care of himself out in the wasteland and how he can prepare for it beforehand.

Fallout 4 is scheduled for a North American release on November 10, 2015, for the Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.

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