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Falsified data found in a study which showed people’s perception towards gay-marriage

It has been said that the journal Science contains falsified and fake data regarding a study on gay-marriages.

The study was based on the changing the attitudes of people towards same sex marriages. The study was conducted by authors Donald P. Green and Michael LaCour.

Michael LaCour was accused of faking the data. He did not agree to the retraction of the falsified data even though their attorney said that the data was indeed incorrect. Co-author, Donald P. Green later said and agreed that the study was based on falsified data and the study is to be retracted.

The study was published in the journal Science this December. A lot of questions began to pile up when two graduate students were following up on the work and found that the study contained falsified data.

Editors at the journal Science there were three main reasons why the study was being retracted.

The participants who took the survey were said to have been given monetary incentives. Monetary incentives were said to be given to take multiple surveys and to pass it on to friends and family of the participants. Whereas on the contrary Mr. LaCour’s lawyer claimed that no such payments have been made.

The sponsors of the data were falsely mentioned and the authors could not provide the original data which was necessary to create the backbone of the survey.

The students who had found irregularities in the data had conducted a survey of their own and had found a completely different result compared to that stated in the survey. Upon finding different results, they contacted the survey company that Mr. LaCour had originally hired to conduct the survey. The survey company said that they had not conducted any such survey and had never heard of this project.

Dr. Green agreed to do retract the study when Mr. LaCour failed to provide the raw data upon which the study was based. Mr. LaCour said that he had deleted the data accidentally many months ago after the study was published. In order to defend himself Mr. LaCour needs to provide further statements.

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