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Galapagos Wolf Volcano erupts: Can endanger inhabitants

The Wolf volcano resting above Isabel Island in the Galapagos has flared up, the local authorities said, but is improbable in looming any danger to the pink iguanas that live on its hills.

The location of the approximately 1.1-mile high Wolf volcano is on Isabela Island, house-holding the rich and diverse flora and fauna of the archipelago that aided and encouraged Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.Darwin journeyed to the eastern Pacific island chain in 1835 and his findings were presented in the book “The origin of Species.” (The Associated Press contributed to this report)

The volcano is situated-away from the densely populated area and poses no risk for the human population. The peak inhabits the only existing pink iguanas in the world, Galapagos National Park tweeted on their profile after the eruption on Monday morning.

The park displayed pictures of lava gushing down the edges of the volcano, the Galapagos’ peak point, while a dark cloud of ash predictably 6.4 miles high rolled upward.

Wolf had been dormant for the past 33 years, according to the park.The Environment Ministry briefed in their statement about the lava rolling down the southern side posing existential threat to the endangered species of iguanas, inhabiting on the other side. But at the same time, the ministry believes the animals are able to escape harm. A 2014 survey of the pink iguanas’ habitat assumes that the animals have other nesting zones on the other side of the peak.

The Geophysics Institute said in their distinct statement that the movement of lava is likely to slope towards the sea, resultant in harming the marine lives. While the populous regions of the island are away from the eruption, the institute still doubts some of the ash fog could affect upon them.

In April, abnormal seismic activity was exhibited at the Sierra volcano on the same Isabela Island, where yellow iguanas and giant tortoises reside.

No tourist activity was affected by the incident, authorities reported.

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