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Microsoft Band gets New Update – Includes Activity Reminders, Music Controls and Powerful Inactivity Alerts

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) have declared the latest of improvements to its Band 2 fitness tracker, which includes brand new music controls, activity reminders and Exercise Tile upgrades.

The wearable improvements are aimed at providing better sensor technologies on top of making it a more comfortable wear in the second edition. The latest improvements will make it into an ideal partner for a jog around the block or a bike ride through the park or even a gym class at your local neighborhood.

The wrist wearable’s music controls can be accessed by quickly tapping the Band’s large power button twice which will make the song’s title and artist to take turns showing on the display for the user to take control of which audio file s/he would like to hear.

The various buttons include play/pause/stop, skip forward/backward – which are all aimed at improving the overall user experience. The users of the latest edition of the Band from Microsoft can now swipe right to increase volume by one unit and swipe left to turn it down by one unit. On top of this the wrist wearable’s music controls will work on any music app installed on a smart-phone via Bluetooth connectivity. This includes Apple Music, Google Play Music and Spotify.

Similar to Apple Watch that reminds users to stand-up from their desks or any sitting places after every 60 minutes to maintain a minimum level of physical fitness, the Band upgrade will allow users to set customized time intervals for hours/days for powerful inactivity alerts. This will be very useful for people who would like to get reminded to move around a bit rather sitting at their desks all day during the week, but may not necessarily want to be bothered on weekends.

The much improved Exercise Tile will allow users to pick their favorite activity with customized options, such as weightlifting or free-hand body-weight training to simply jogging for 5 minutes. Users will even have the option of naming their own exercise and can track their heart-rate, duration and the number of calories burned during the session and then view all the stats in the Web Dashboard or the Microsoft Health App.

The stats can be grouped along with the particular exercise group/type chosen by the user to provide a more accurate illustration and comparison regarding exertions based on different activities.

Priced at around $ 249, it seems a very good bargain and is providing excellent value for money.

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