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New 4K 21.5-inch iMac on its way

Apple is set to add a 21.5-inch iMac with sharper 4K resolution to its lineup next week, according to Apple blog 9to5Mac, which cites “multiple, reliable sources”. This new desktop will feature a 4K Retina display, which is a great upgrade compared to previous iMac devices. Significant changes are coming under the hood, however, with refreshed hardware across the board including a beefier video card to power the display.

The 4K Retina iMac is expected to run on the El Capitan OS out of the box. The upgraded 4K display will generally feature a better image quality and color saturation. 9to5Mac also reported a rumor of the new iPad Pro with a larger screen that will be launched in early November. This of course leads us to think that the new 21.5- inch iMac 4K will be powered by a Broadwell or Skylake processor.

The updated iMac 21.5-inch will arrive to sit alongside the current non-4K iteration, but will naturally see a little bit of a price increase thanks to those extra pixels.

Last month, Apple held a jam-packed press event where it launched the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, watchOS 2 and Apple TV update. This means that the main highlights of the new model is its 4K (4096 x 2304) screen resolution.

Just like that, new rumors surrounding the upcoming Apple Inc. releases came to light.

Apple’s 21.5- inch iMac will probably look a lot like its predecessor; there are no real news design- wise there. It has also been speculated before that the new model’s release date was supposed to coincide with the release date of El Capitan. There is an off chance that Apple will also reveal new accessories for the new iMacs, like a new Magic Mouse or Bluetooth keyboard, but there is less certainty around those details. At this moment, it isn’t clear if Apple will be bumping up all of its 21.5-inch iMacs to 4K, or if it will be launching it as another tier, much like it did with the 5K 27-inch model. Only the 27-inch iMac models boast this level of resolution, but they start at $2,000, making them the most expensive computer Apple sells (if you don’t count the Apple Watch Edition).

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