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New Firefox 42 beta features enhanced protection against third-party tracking

Along with the chat feature, Firefox Accounts will now let users set a profile picture, which in turn becomes visible to others when using Hello. After all, it now comes with its very own instant messenger, of all things, not to mention something approaching a full-featured IDE for Web developers.

Mozilla’s theory is that “users have a greater expectation of privacy when using Private Browsing” in Firefox.

Because in Electrolysis Web content and core browser code is run in two different processes, Firefox’s unrestricted add-ons will have to be adapted to this new way of executing code.

To close the tabs on the tablet, you can just swipe them. The feature only works on the desktop version for now.

Meanwhile, Mozilla recently began testing an iOS version of Firefox over in New Zealand.

Mozilla hopes that people experimenting with the new Private Browsing will offer their opinions, and has posted feedback page where users can share their experiences. The service is available in the desktop browser for Windows, Mac and Linux. The competitions was more in the market, due to this the Firefox is updating the features in order to overcome the competition. A bunch of minor updates and bug fixes are included too. It says users have provided feedback to support this notion, and so it created a feature in Firefox’s Private Browsing mode that blocks certain page elements. Mozilla Firefox is the fastest one and the complete change log can be seen on the Firefox website.

Firefox 41 also enhances the Firefox Accounts feature, which includes such services as Firefox Sync to synchronize your passwords, bookmarks and other data across Firefox on the desktop and Firefox for Android. It’s a notable enhancement, because it makes it easier for users to take advantage of the safeguards. On Android, Firefox users can perform searches from multiple sources like Google and Bing.

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