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Suspect from block party shooting of New Orleans surrenders

The suspect of the horrifying gunfight which left seventeen people wounded in the city of New Orleans has turned himself in on Saturday to the authorities but refuses to speak on the shooting.

Joseph Allen who is 32 years old has been named by investigators in New Orleans as one of the main suspects of this violent shootout which occurred on Sunday.

He is going to be facing seventeen counts of attempted murder but investigators are saying that he is not speaking about the allegations which have been made against him.

The prior rap sheet of this suspect includes everything imaginable from home invasions to carjacking and drug possession according to the Times Picayune of New Orleans.

Allen as well as a number of his accomplices had allegedly opened fire inside Bunny Friend Park while there were 100’s of people there filming a block party music video around 6 pm.

Investigators avoided revealing anything with regard to the identity of the group that was making the video and didn’t answer any questions regarding whether the shootout was gang related or not either. The only thing they did reveal was that Allen had ties to one gang leader.

Ten of the people who were wounded were below the age of 21 and the youngest was just 10 years old as per the paper.

Not even one of the victims suffer from any wounds that are life threatening though.

Michael Harrison, the police Superintendent said that they are glad that things didn’t get any worse.

The park was quite crowded at the time but still the police have not received even one video of this shooting yet.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu said that there were a lot of videos but people weren’t handing them over.

Harrison said that they needed photos and videos. They needed people to come out.

The mayor was quite confident that more of the suspects could be identified as well.

He said that this was only the first shoe that had “dropped.”

He added that they were going to do everything they could in order to make the rest of the shoes drop too.

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