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Waterstones is removing Kindles from stores

Either no one’s buying Kindles any more or no one’s buying them from high street stores, but it’s worth remembering that Kindles last a lot longer than smartphones and need replacing far less often.

The company’s managing director James Daunt says it’s “taking back the display space” following a resurgence in demand for paper books.

Waterstones has created a determination to remove its cabinetry of Kindles following “pitiful” sales of this very e-readers, and it’s presenting the excess place to effectively more e-books. “One day piles and piles, selling like fury; the next you count your blessings with every sale because it brings you closer to getting it off your shelves forever to make way for something new”.

Part of the problem could be that, unlike mobile phones and computing tablet devices, there is not much of an upgrade path for e-book readers.

Figures from the Association of American Publishers suggest that many literary fans are now “hybrid readers” who prefer a mixture of print and digital.

Moving on from Amazon to a firm with controversial employment practices – not much of a move, I’ll grant you – and a certain German supermarket chain that has a Lidl rethink about its pay policy in Northern Ireland. It’s not just Kindle that’s suffering as rival ereader Nook from Barnes & Noble is reporting fewer devices being sold as a result of fewer first time buyers.

“We are pleased with the positive momentum and growing distribution of Kindle and Fire tablet sales”, an Amazon spokesman said in a statement.

Meanwhile, traditional books are becoming more popular. Sales of physical books for the first 37 weeks of 2015 were up by 4.7 percent on the same period in 2014, according to Neilsen Bookscan, a publishing research company cited by The Bookseller.

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