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Weather Update: More Snow, Freezing Rain and Sleet from Today through till Monday

Similar to Thursday’s rain and storm, this week also stands to be a snowy and freezing one, according to meteorologists. Thanksgiving travelers heading back to southwest Iowa and nearby regions could very easily come across a winter storm tonight into Monday.

The National Weather Service on Thursday issued an ice storm warning for all of eastern New Mexico from  11 p.m Thursday to all the way to 5 a.m Saturday. Thanksgiving Day Rain likely, possibly mixed with freezing rain just before noon, then freezing rain very likely from noon till 5 p.m.

“Freezing drizzle is possible early today,” stated Paul Walker, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather. However the chance of rain will most likely pick up from tonight into Monday, commented Becky Kern, , a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Valley.

“Monday might be a little tricky,” Kern said.

“It’s still early to say, but the metro area is likely to see at least a couple inches of snow,” added Kern.

However Walker estimated around 5 to 6 inches snow in the metro area. Lincoln, Neb., and areas south and west of the metro area will most likely encounter more of an icy combo and less snow accumulation.

Even with all the uncertainty, that is whether there will be significant snow accumulation or not, weather experts believe the chances of freezing rain and sleet before the main storm on Monday is very high.

The first wave of the cold weather hit into Lincoln on Thanksgiving, living up to the warning issued by the National Weather Service. The city had to launch a full scale street-maintenance effort to clean up the streets as snow began to stick to cars and trucks on the road around noon.

Police were working on more than 119 accidents on the side streets which looked like ice rinks.

Drivers are urged to take caution and take things very slow and safe. Authorities have issued the warning as roadways are expected to be very slippery and visibility will be significantly hampered.

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