Obese Adolescents Have Double the Risk of Getting Bowel Cancer in Later Life, According to Latest Study by Harvard

Adolescents who are obese have the double the risk of getting bowel cancer later in their adult lives, according to latest study conducted by Harvard University and Swedish Orebro University Hospital. Scientists from Harvard and Orebro University have conducted a 35 year long study by following more than 240,000 Swedish men. The study was initiated Continue Reading

Studying virus is the key to figuring out how to fight infectious diseases

Scientists are now studying a virus which thrives in extremely hot weather. The reason they are doing this is because they hope it will help them find better methods of fighting various infectious diseases. These extremophiles have been fascinating biologists for countless years now. These organisms can basically survive in environments which are extremely basic Continue Reading

VelociRoACH, new H2Bird ornithopter aerial vehicle developed to launch robotic birds

Scientists at the University of California in Berkeley’s Biomimetic Millisystems Lab have developed a H2Bird or millibots – ornithopter micro-aerial vehicle also called VelociRoACH that will robotic birds take to flight without any human intervention. Just about the size of a cockroach, the device works with the mentality of a normal bird – allowing it Continue Reading

Researchers, patients rise up against gene tests for breast cancer not linked to risks

Patients, helped by a team of international researchers have risen up against paying for genetic tests that are not directly linked to breast cancer, saying such tests are not necessary and completely unvalidated in the light of ongoing researches. According to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the researchers emphasized that Continue Reading

NASA: Exploration mission by the scientists to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa

Recently NASA announced from the Planetary Science Institute that they will be pursuing an oncoming research on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Meanwhile a press conference, NASA officials told the Europa mission planned to set in the 2020s will successfully revolve 45 times around over three-year period timeline with altering altitudes pattern from 25 kilometers to 2700 Continue Reading